Saturday, September 1, 2007

Recyclable Art, Peranakan Houses

I have always been facinated with the peranakan culture, especially the artworks, architecture with their vibrant display of colors and motiffs. Thus this inspired me to create this artwork of a row of peranakan houses. It is made of unwanted cardboards and has a 3 dimensional front and side view, taking into account the little details associated with peranakan architecture.

The model is planned and drafted to scale on the drawing board.

Front view of the raw 3D model in cardboard, yet to be finished with colors and framing.

The fully painted model.

The final framed artwork, measuring 34.5 cm length x 32 cm height.

Retail Price : SGD $150.00

Recyclable Art, Table Lamp

Table lamp made of carton box including the base. Finished with a total height of 32 cm.

THE PROCESS This 'Meiji' carton was selected because it carries a cute little panda. Markings and settings were carefully planned on the box so as to synchronise the panda horizontally and vertically as I weave it together.
The weaved and raw shade, notice the horizontal and vertical weavings with the panda picture and 'HELLO PANDA' still intact.

Actual artwork available for viewing at at 111, Emerald Hill Road, Emerald Mansions.
Retail Price : SGD $50.00

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Recyclable Art, Plane

World War II Royal Airforce Mustang aircraft made using 100% carton boxes and newspaper.Length from propeller to tail measures 1.2m.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Recyclable Art, Weapons (1:1 Scale)

These weapons are what I made from 100% recycled materials like :- Carton Boxes- Straws- Newspapers, etcAfter which they are painted to look as close as as exact replica, actual size. Photos shown here are some of the weapons that I had made earlier, I can customize any weapon of your request. Time required to fabricate is approximately 1 week.
Retail Price : About SGD $100.00 each ( Depending on weapon )

Raw 7.62mm SLR used by the SAF during the early days.Same SLR, painted finish
Finished SLR as displayed in a heritage centre with a mannequin

Latest SAF rifle, 5.56mm SAR21, finished model
Finished SAR21 as displayed in a heritage centre with a mannequin. Note the night vision scope on the mannequin's helmet, it is also made from carton boxes

Recyclable Art, Robot

This is one of my earlier work done few years back. I made it using carton boxes, , wires, newspaper etc, 100% recyclable materials, after which I applied paint as a finishing. It is huge measuring 1.7m in height. It is actually a replica of a tin robot provided to me as a model from a toy shop which was eventually sold to them to be displayed outside their shop as an icon.